Squeak Show Project 2021-2022


  • All original calendar scenes have been framed and sold by auction. Greetings cards with each of the 12 scenes are still available to buy from my shop. You can view the original calendar scenes here.

  • From 1-7 August 2022, I held a charity raffle for this complete set of Squeak Show Mice, with the display case. As a result, I was able to donate £1,440 to 24 amazing causes - full details can be found here.

  • I'd like to thank everyone who has involved with the Squeak Show Project, including all those who were part of the Collectors' Club, those who bought the original framed scenes, and particular thanks go to all those who I collaborated with in making the Squeak Show such a wonderful experience - Jacqueline Williamson, Tabatha Martinez, Rachel Pettitt and Dawn Mason.

Background to the Squeak Show project (first written in January 2021)

I'm working on a special  Quernus Squeak Show Calendar for 2022! I'll create 12 unique scenes involving the wee mice (well, it is a Squeak Show, after all!)  I'll be collaborating with a number of artists along the way, including Rachel Pettit Designs, who made the beautiful Winter Trees for our collaboration in December 2020. Each scene will be professionally photographed, and the finished calendar will be available to buy later in the year.

This is one of my most ambitious projects to date - I announced it in a Brew and a Blether live video chat on Facebook on 5 January 2021. I now upload all live videos to my YouTube channel, so you can watch it here if you missed it. 

As well as the calendar, throughout 2021 I'll be running a Collectors' Club where you can adopt  a different wee creature every month based on that month's scene (the cost will be in the region of £30-£40 per month). The set of 12 creatures can then be displayed in a specially made display cabinet themed to match the calendar (to be made by Tabatha of Awesome Wooden Gifts). The original scenes themselves will be framed and sold next year (the frames will be put together by Jacqueline of Cardmaniac), with at least one being raffled to raise money for charity. And my ultimate aim is to write a book containing all these scenes, a "making of" section to follow the creation process, and also a bit of the history of Quernus!

The idea for the Squeak Show has been in my head for many years now, and initially I was thinking of doing a mobile exhibition with a converted van, where you could look through small apertures, like the original peep shows, and see different scenes with the wee creatures living out their lives and having fun (which I'm sure they do when my back's turned!) The idea has never left me.

I have also wanted to do something like the Mouse Nativity set, where people collected a mouse each month and ended up with the completed Nativity set by the end of the year. And then, on New Year's Eve, these two ideas came together and resulted in the Quernus Squeak Show Calendar and Collectors' Club! I've been waking up early most mornings with so many ideas for the different scenes - it's just so exciting!

The Squeak Show Calendar will be unveiled when it goes on sale later in the year, but you'll have an idea of the theme for each month based on the Collectors' Club wee creature for each month. This is another aspect of the original Squeak Show idea that I wanted to keep - the element of surprise and the grand reveal!

If you're interested in taking part in the Collectors' Club, you can sign up for the mailing list, or have any questions, send me an email. Those who sign up for the Collectors' Club will get priority in each month's Collectors' Club wee creature release, and if you collect the full set, you will get a signed calendar for a specially discounted price.  And if you're not collecting the full set, I'll be making a few additional wee creatures every month which will be available in my shop (I'll keep adding other wee creatures in there too, so it's worth checking out the In Stock category from time to time).

Squeak Show will evolve over the course of the year, and we'll keep in touch throughout, mostly in the Quernoholics Anonymouse group, and also by email.

I will update this page every month with pictures of the mice available for each month.

Last updated: November 2021