Latest News - February 2019

23-24 February - Quernus Lottery #11

The next Quernus Lottery takes place 23-24 February, and a second-chance Shop Event will take place shortly after the Lottery ends. For more information about how the Lottery works, click here.

Quernus Lottery & Shop Event
Little Mice with Heart Flowers

New collaboration!

This month has seen a new collaboration with Irina of FancyKnittles. Irina is a wonderful artist who makes the most amazing miniature crocheted flowers, dolls and teddybears (she also made our cupcake wedding topper last year!) Some of these mice will be taking part in Quernus Lottery #11.

5-7 February - Little Love Bunnies Charity Raffle

This charity raffle raised the amazing sum of £482 for Rabbit Rescue North West - many thanks to everyone who entered!

For more information about the charity work the wee creautres and I do, click here.