Latest News - October 2019

Mini Shop Event 17 October 2019

24 October Charity Shop Event - Little Poppy Creatures

Over the past few years, I've made Little Poppy Creatures at this time of year to raise money for charity. This year, I'll also be making wee creatures with lilac poppies representing the animals who lost their lives in conflicts. For For every Little Poppy Creature sold, I will donate 25% to charity (the Royal British Legion for red poppies, and Blue Cross for lilac poppies). Prices will start from £25 plus P&P and there will be a range of wee creatures available. The event starts at 8pm BST on Thursday 24 October.

Quernus Lottery #18

26-27 October Quernus Lottery #18

The next Quernus Lottery will start at 9am BST on Saturday 26 October and ends at 3pm on Sunday 27 October. You can expect to see lots of Christmas creatures in this Lottery, and once I've started making them, I will post pictures in the preview gallery on the Quernus Lottery page. You will also be able to find out more information on my Quernus page on Facebook. At 8pm BST on 27 October, there will be a second-chance shop event

Quernus Shop

Quernus Shop 

There was a time, not so very long along, when the cupboards were always bare in the Quernus shop. But since I started the Mini Shop Events, there are usually one or two wee creatures still available to adopt! So keep checking in to my online shop and see if there's a wee creature waiting just for you :) 

Pop-up Peekaboo Unicorn book

Pop-up Peekaboo! Unicorn book

Last summer, I was commissioned by DK Publishing to make five unicorns to be photographed for a children's pop-up book. After several months of keeping quiet, the book has now been published, and I love how they have captured each of the wee unicorns! You can buy the book on Amazon UK and For more photos, click here.