Latest News - June 2019

Charity Raffle

Charity Raffle: Playful Otters on Rocks

This charity raffle for this unique sculpture is currently on and will continue until 27 June 2019. I am raising  money for my husband who is swimming around the isle of Jersey to raise money for COBI, an ocean conservation charity. One lucky winner will be able to win this unique sculpture - entries are £2 each. Click here for full details of how to enter. (For more information about the charity work I do, click here.)

Pop-up Peekaboo Unicorn book

Pop-up Peekaboo! Unicorn book

Last summer, I was commissioned by DK Publishing to make five unicorns to be photographed for a children's pop-up book. After several months of keeping quiet, the book has now been published, and I love how they have captured each of the wee unicorns! You can buy the book on Amazon UK and For more photos, click here.

Quernus Isabella by Nadyart

New Collaboration with Nadyart Illustration

I have long been a fan of the beautiful artwork of Nadya Bonten-Slenders. She has recently completed a successful crowd-funding project to publish her book Wanderlust, which follows the journeys of Isabella and Oliver and they find each other from opposite ends of the book. And Nadya has drawn this wonderful version of Quernus Isabella, so we will be talking soon about a collaboration project to accompany her book - I can't wait!