About Me

Hi, I'm Kirsten Miller and I'm a polymer clay artist specialising in small animal sculptures. I started Quernus Crafts in 2009 after leaving behind a 15 year career in law (you can read more about my journey here).  Since then, literally thousands of wee creatures have appeared! Originally from Scotland, I now live in Greater Manchester with my husband, and I make the wee creatures in a lovely little studio in Milnrow. 

One of the best things about what I do is that the wee creatures make people happy. They have a spark of life about them that I can't explain, but it makes each one unique and very special, with their own personality. I have a group called Quernoholics Anonymouse on Facebook for all people who have been following and collecting the wee creatures over the years - it's a great place to hang out! I've recently started doing live videos in the group, including demonstrations of making the wee creatures.

I believe in giving something back - you can find out about the charity work I do here. And there's lots more information on my FAQs page about how I work generally.

My workbench in my studio in Rochdale - it doesn't always look this tidy!

Setting off to work on two wheels, instead of in the trusty Mouse Mobile!

Albert Mill in Milnrow, where my studio is based on the top floor. The Home of the Wee Creatures since 2017!

The before and after the move to my new studio in October 2017. It's amazing how much stuff the wee creatures have generated!

The Terracotta Army - Quernus style :) 

The code I live by (print by Chloe Vaux).