Terms and Conditions


  1. I make all the wee creatures entirely by hand. Where it's possible, my sculptures are signed with my artist's mark, a slice of my monogram "QC" cane, so you know it's an original Quernus. They also all come with a smart presentation box with a signed certificate.
    Although I do my very best to make each wee creature perfect, the nature of the material, and the fact that each wee creature is made by hand, means that there may be very slight imperfections or irregularities.
  2. In the unlikely event of a breakage in transit prior to delivery, please return the damaged item, together with the original packaging, and I will either provide a replacement or refund you the purchase price, along with the return postage costs. For one-off commissions, only a refund will be offered.
  3. All wee creatures are made from polymer clay, and some are also made with fragile accessories. If you handle your wee creature with care, it will keep you giggling for many years. However, accidents do happen, and in the event of an injury, I do offer a repair service. Please contact me for more information.
  4. The wee creatures are, well, "wee"! They range in size from 3cm to about 6cm. I always give the dimensions of each wee creature, and I usually include a photo of them perched on my hand to give an idea of scale. If you have any questions about the size of each wee creature, please contact me.
  5. All prices stated on this website are are in GBP (British Pounds Sterling). To find the equivalent cost in your local currency, there are a number of good websites you can use.
  6. If you sign up for my newsletter, or sign up for an customer account through my shop, I will never pass on your details to anyone else, and you can update your preferences or unsubscribe/delete your account at any time. You can find out more information on the Privacy Policy page.
  7. All designs and images are the copyright of Kirsten Miller of Quernus Crafts, and may not be copied or used without my permission. I do find out about people who have been 'inspired' by my work, and I always encourage those people to come up with their own designs, as it's just not cricket to steal someone else's hard work and creativity. So please respect this - would be much appreciated.
  8. All images of the wee creatures are available for social sharing (e.g Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Pinterest, etc) provided that full URLs and credit are given to Quernus Crafts and/or this site. Sharing is positively encouraged! Please contact me to request prior consent if you would like to use any images or content for any other purpose.

Quernus Lottery Rules

  1. Anyone wishing to take part in the Quernus Lottery can apply to buy up to a maximum of five (5) wee creatures. You do that by going through the checkout process of my online shop. There is nothing to pay at this stage.
  2. Only one application per wee creature will be accepted. The maximum number of applications which can be made is five, for up to five different wee creatures. If you apply for more than five wee creatures, ie put more than five creatures in your basket, then you will only be entered for the first five creatures you have selected.
  3. To take part in the Quernus Lottery, you must complete the checkout process for at least one wee creature. No payment is required at this time, and you will receive a confirmation email once you have completed the checkout process. You will need to register an account either before or during the checkout process.
  4. Each person entering the lottery can buy a maximum of one wee creature only if their name is selected at the end of the Lottery.
  5. At the end of the Lottery period, one name will be selected at random for each wee creature. The winner of each creature is then entitled to buy that wee creature, and I will contact all winners by email shortly after the Lottery ends to confirm (a) the total cost payable (including shipping), and (b) how to pay. Everyone who applies to take part in the Lottery will be contacted by email after the Lottery ends to advise whether they have been successful or not. A list of winners will also be posted in the Quernoholics Anonymouse group on Facebook.
  6. Payment in full must be made within 2 days of receipt of the winning email notification, failing which, the wee creature will be offered to another applicant.


Last updated: 8th January 2019