About the Quernus Lottery

The Quernus Lottery is a regular event which takes place exclusively on this site over the course of a few days.  For other ways to adopt the wee creatures, visit my How to Adopt page.

In the run up to each Quernus Lottery, you can see a preview gallery of the wee creatures who will be available. The Quernus Lottery gives everyone a fair and equal chance to win the chance to buy one Quernus wee creature. 

Essentially, the Lottery works within a shop framework, but payment is only due if you are picked by one of your chosen wee creatures. You do have to put the "Add to Lottery" item in your basket at some point before going through the checkout process, but there's still nothing to pay. Here's a summary of how the Lottery works (see also Terms & Conditions):

  1. You can apply for up to five different wee creatures by adding them to your basket and going through the checkout process. If you apply for more, only your first five choices will be counted. It's best to add your creatures to your basket in order of preference.

  2. At the end of the Lottery, a name will be picked at random for each wee creature. A list of winners will be posted in the Quernoholics Anonymouse group within a few hours of the Lottery ending. All winners will be contacted by email with details of the amount due, including shipping (please add my email address ([email protected]) to your list of safe contacts).

  3. Payment is due within 2 days, failing which another name will be picked.

  4. You will be able to see how many people have applied for each wee creature by checking the stock number for each listing (all wee creatures will start with 100 in stock, but this does not mean that I have made 100 of each wee creature!)

  5. Where I have made more than one wee creature of the same design, there will be only one listing, and I will pick names at random for all of the wee creatures, eg if I have made three mice, then I will pick three random names from all applicants - more chances to be picked!

  6. Finally, please don’t be too disappointed if you don’t win a wee creature - I usually hold a smaller separate event in my online shop at the end of each Lottery, so there's a second chance to buy a wee creature. It can be a bit of a scramble at the checkout though - fastest finger wins!