Squeak Show Charity Raffle


In the first week of August 2022, I held a charity raffle, with the first prize a complete set of Squeak Show Collectible Mice, together with this bespoke display case, beautifully hand-painted by Tabatha of Awesome Wooden Gifts. You can see more photos of the display case on Facebook, or on Flickr.

The winner, Joanne McBride, was announced on 7 August, as well as three runners' up, who each received a Squeak Show calendar and set of 12 greetings cards.

I'm so grateful to everyone who made a donation to this raffle - as a result, I've been able to donate £60 to each of the 24 charities listed below, giving a grand total donated of £1,480.

Here's a list of all the locally-run animal charities we've raised money for (as nominated by the lovely people in the Quernoholics Anonymouse group). Each charity has received £60:

Oldies Club (nominated by me because they helped me find Zeus)

Honeybunnies Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue (Yvonne Faulkner) - "It breaks my heart every time I see any animal charity struggling, especially the small ones, ran by volunteers. They are all at breaking point and I believe this is mainly for to two reasons. Lack of education and how easy people can just make money breeding. Honeybunnies are especially close to my heart, as along with my vet friend Rebecca, I have to say they both “educated” me. Since then, I will never buy an animal again. I have homed 4 bunnies and 10 Guinea pigs from them. All living out their days with me, or still here. I feel proud to rescue, and appreciate all the efforts that these rescue put in."

The Gentle Barn (Christi Guymon)

South Essex Wildlife Hospital (Hazel Lane)

Cavy Capers Rescue (Michelle McHardy)

Lucky Hedgehog Rescue (Julie Mary Doyle) - "Lucky Hedgehog Rescue and Sanctuary, rescues and rehabilitates all native British Hedgehogs, including the disabled. They also provide therapies, experiences and education at the rescue centre. So many rescues have had to close due to lack of support so to me it’s really important to support the ones that are still open".

South East Dog Rescue (Jenny Newell) - "South East Dog Rescue are a fantastic rescue that always take on more than they can manage and do whatever they can to help dogs in need."

Mann Cat Sanctuary (Leana Brown) - "It's a safe and peaceful haven for unwanted and disabled cats. They rely solely on the generosity of the public and work trapping feral cats, getting the vet help they need, and spending time sitting with them. The Mann cat has four webcams that you can watch the antics of the cats and a few of their feathered friends. Mann Cat has several buildings set on acres of land, where the cats can roam freely and come in out of the cold to relax and eat. I love their statement that "If you don't like old age or imperfections this is not the place for you".

Mr Lumpy and Friends (Nola Higgs) - "Mrs Nut Fairy cares for a colony of badgers and surrounding creatures, trying to help them stay in their territory and natural habitat. Many people don’t like badgers or foxes being around - but Mrs Nut Fairy ensures there is a decent quantity of natural foods for them all so they don’t need to raid the neighbourhood chicken coops. She is careful not to upset the social balance of the colony. Two of the badgers have required antibiotics, for instance, but can’t be removed - particularly Mr Lumpy - or he may be pushed out by a younger male. So Mrs Nut Fairy waits for each to appear so she can craftily slip some medication into a boiled egg etc. Mrs Nut Fairy has cared for many generations of badgers and foxes but it’s a big job on her own."

Guinea Pig Rehome UK (Vicky Louise Morris) - "I have personal experience with the rescue. After loosing our beloved Scoob, we had to find a mate for Luna very quickly. We reached out to a few rescues but they didn't have any boars (males) that were neutered, until we came across Kate. Kate is an RSPCA officer and specialises in Guinea Pigs, all the piggies she rescues she keeps and brings them back to health ready for bonding with lonely piggies. She pays for all their medical needs herself. Kate was fantastic, she welcomed us with open arms, was very helpful and when we met her to introduce Luna to a boar named Chip, she was absolutely fantastic. Very professional, all the piggies in her care looked happy and well cared for. What can I say, I fell in love with Chip, Darren fell in love and so did Luna. Kate asked us to keep in touch with her because she wanted to see how Chip does. After 15 months, we are still giving Kate updates about the monkey Chip. This is a well deserved Guinea Pig Rescue."

Hillside Animal Sanctuary (Pat Longmuir) - "Hillside Animal Sanctuary never refuse to take a needy animal and Willows Animal Sanctuary is the Scottish equivalent." 

Willows Animal Sanctuary (Pat Longmuir)

Rescue Kitties (UK) (Kath Roberts) "They are a Manchester rescue for stray and feral cats, many have huge medical problems and they do try to help them all."

Vale Wildlife & Rehabilitation Centre (Michelle Peters)

Cat Action Trust Leeds (Ellie Twigg) - "We got our two slightly dysfunctional kitties from. Small charity but do a huge amount of work, including trapping and neutering cats in large colonies if they are too feral to rehome."

Iris’s Cats in Need (Karen French) - "I can’t speak highly enough of this small charity run from the lovely Iris’s own home. Her garage has been converted into a Cattery with purpose built cages. Her conservatory is full of cats that are not adoptable for what ever reason. Her shed has been extended and full of more cages and cats. They will do their very very best to take in any cat in need of shelter and often help. Claire in amazing and the main kitten carer. She’s not in the best of health herself but will spend days, sometimes weeks, feeding, toileting and loving many unwanted kittens, either disowned by, often, a mum who is no more than a kitten herself or snatched from mum and dumped by uncaring owners. Everyone is a volunteer and any money made or donated goes towards food, cleaning products, litter and the all important vets bills. All my cats are from Iris's Cats in Need."

Castleford Hedgehog Rescue (Terri Barker) - "Castleford Hedgehog Rescue is an amazing small rescue who keeps on helping even when there is no room left at the inn."

Linjoy Wildlife Sanctuary and Rescue (Emma Phillips) - "This is a 24hr emergency rescue service for British wildlife, poultry and waterfowl in the UK. They run entirely on public donations and all staff are volunteers. They rescue a wide variety of wildlife regardless of conservation status, including deer, buzzards, foxes, ducks, geese, gulls, hedgehogs and many more and most recently a beaver! Where at all possible the animals are rehabilitated and then released back into the wild. If they are unable to be released they are able to live out the rest of their days within the safety of the sanctuary mixing with other species. I have connected with Linjoy twice, once to report an injured goose at my local lake and also to get advice after finding a baby starling in my garden. They are an amazing charity and work very long hours and travel many miles to rescue wildife."

Lamont Farm Project (Caroline Dickson) "This is a fabulous wee city farm - I think the first in Scotland. I took my own two girls there often and now my granddaughter, and I can carry on the tradition. Because the cost of feed etc has risen so much they are really struggling so anything will help them out."

Complicated Cats UK (Nikki Bell)

Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary (Sue Huggins-Geering) - "Katie Lloyd is just brilliant, Her work with cats & kitten including disabled ones is second to none."

Charlie’s Hedgehog Care (Lise Sorensen) - "I help transport poorly hogs and hoglets here, they run entirely on donations and likeminded volunteers."

Beloved Rabbits (Fiona Petrie) 

Baby Blue Bee Bunnies (Fiona Petrie)


Updated: 8 August 2022