Charity Donations



Here's a breakdown of all the charitable donations raised through auctions, sales and raffles for the wee creatures since 2014. In addition, in the past I have held ticket only events where the ticket sales are donated to a charity nominated by one of the ticket holders - I'm planning to do more of these in 2019.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped raise such an amazing total. I will keep updating this after each event. 

£633 donated 09/12/19 to the Ayrshire Hospice from the Glass Holly Mice Charity Raffle.

Poppy Creatures Shop Event

£430 donated 31/10/19 from Poppy Creatures Shop Event - I donated 25% for every red poppy creature sold to the Royal British Legion.

£330 donated 31/10/19 from Quernus Poppy Creatures shop event - I donated 25% from the sale of every purple/lilac poppy creature to Blue Cross.

£108.08 from Quernus Mini Kiwi Lottery donated 05/08/19 to Kiwis for Kiwi

£1,026 from raffle for Playful Otters Sculpture donated 27/06/2019 to COBI (via Enrique Flores's JustGiving fund-raising page for swimming around Jersey).


£482 from raffle for Little Love Bunnies donated 08/02/19 to Rabbit Rescue North West.


£517.20 from Poppy Creatures Lottery and Shop Event (25% donated for each wee creature adopted) held on 09/11/18, donated 10/11/18 to the Royal British Legion.

£200.00 from SSQE #6, donated 23/06/16 to 4 Paws for Ability nominated by Nichole Makrides

£612.00 from charity auction for Two Little Tittlemouse Mice, donated 26/09/18 to the Oldies Club.


£546 from charity auction for Little Bumble Bunny, donated 23/06/18, to Blue Light Programme by Mind in Greater Manchester

£57.50 from sale of Poppy Mice (25% donated from each adoption) donated 15/11/17 to the Royal British Legion


£110.00 from charity auction for Little Glass Moon Mouse donated 09/07/17 to The Kensington & Chelsea Foundation (to help those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire)


£332.00 from raffle for Arctic Frolics, a collaborative sculpture by me and Felicity Harvey of Sealsational, donated 29/06/17 to The Kensington & Chelsea Foundation (to help those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire)


£170.00 from sales of Tiny Manchester Bee Mice, donated 19/06/17 to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund

£120.00 from SQCE #9, donated 20/12/16, to Alzheimer's Society, nominated by Nicola Miller.

£342.00 from raffle for Santa Bunny with Sleigh, donated 20/12/16 to Age UK.


£100.00 from MiCE (Christmas Lucky Dip), donated 16/12/16 to Babworth Animal Rescue Kennels nominated by Claire Woodhouse 

£81.00 from sale of Poppy Creatures, 20% of net sales donated 11/11/16 to the Royal British Legion  

£210.00 from SSQE #8, donated 24/10/16 to RSCPA Liverpool Branch nominated by Lisa Vallette (seconded by Claire Russell & Sue Ingram)

£100.00 from Mini SQE (Cake Creatures), donated 21/10/16 to Cancer Research UK nominated by Sue Ingram. 

£200.00 from SSQE #7, donated 22/09/16 to International Fund for Animal Welfare nominated by Jane Joscelyne

£100.00 from Mini SQE (Penguins), donated 05/09/16 to Cure for Charley nominated by Sarah Foakes (proposed by Tabatha Martinez)


£75.00 from Mini SQE (Dragons) donated 04/06/16 to Charlie's Wish nominated by Heloise Darbyshire

£200.00 from SSQE #5, donated 08/05/16 to Mind nominated by Sonneva Benstead


£100.00 from Mini SQE (Guinea Pigs), donated 26/04/16 to Lydia Thew's fundraising campaign for Cancer Research nominated by Gabriella Nickless, and unanimously agreed by all ticket holders


£100.00 from SSQE #4, donated 20/03/16 to Stray Aid nominated by Lisa Leighton


£63.71 from Mini SQE (Balloon Mice), donated 16/03/16 to The Stroke Association nominated by Christiana Theocleous


£100.00 from SSQE #3, donated 02/03/16 to Hillside Organisation nominated by Zoe Richardson


£92.87 from SSQE #2, donated 12/02/16 to Friends of the Dogs, nominated by Paige Murray

£508.00 from raffle for The REAL Loch Ness Monster Mice Sculpture donated 11/09/15 to COBI (Comunidad y Biodiversidad Asociacion Civil)


£409.25 from raffle for Bath Tub Mouse donated 10/03/14 to RSCPA Liverpool Branch