Charity Donations



Here's a breakdown of all the charitable donations raised through auctions, sales and raffles for the wee creatures since 2014.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped raise such an amazing total. I will keep updating this after each event. 

Charity Auction for Penny Jones Animal Hospice

Charity Auction for Penny Jones Animal Hospice

I ran a week long charity raffle from 17-23 January 2024 to raise money for the Penny Jones Animal Hospice based in Cumbria. Elizabeth Mcdonagh runs the charity with a team of volunteers and helps the most abused and neglected animals. I raffled off 21 wee creatures who I found during a very cathartic clear out of my studio at the start of the year, and this raised the amazing total of £520. I donated this sum to the charity on 25 January 2024.

Charity Raffle and Auction for Enrique's expedition

Raffle for Los Intrepidos and Auction for Wee Christmas Cracker Bunnies

My husband, Enrique, undertook an expedition to climb the third highest peak in Mexico, Iztaccihuatl, in December 2023. He was raising money for World Villages for Children, and the raffle and auction for these wee creatures raised the sum of £786, which I donated to the charity on 23 December 2023. Thank you to everyone who took part - Enrique is very grateful! 

Wee Remembrance Poppies Pre-order

Wee Remembrance Poppies Pre-order

Following the success of the Wee Remembrance Bunny charity raffle in November 2022, I held a pre-order for Wee Remembrance Poppies creatures, and from each order I donated a further 10% to be shared between the Royal British Legion and Blue Cross charity. This gave a total of £200, and I donated £100 to each charity on 20 February 2023.

Wee Remembrance Bunny Charity Raffle

Wee Remembrance Bunny Charity Raffle

From 15-18 November 2022, I held a Charity Raffle for this Wee Remembrance Bunny. As a result of donations, ticket sales and donations from shop purchases, we raised the total sum of £500, which was shared equally between the Royal British Legion and Blue Cross animal charity. The payments were made on 18 November 2022.

£1,480 raised by Squeak Show Charity Raffle August 2022

From 1-7 August 2022, I held a Charity Raffle with the first prize being a complete set of 12 Squeak Show Mice, along with a bespoke hand-painted display case. In total, 634 tickets were sold, raising £1,268, to be shared equally between 22 small locally-run animal charities and rescues. I rounded up each donation to £60, bringing the total donated to £1,480. Thank you to everyone who took part!

164 Happy Wee Creatures and counting!

I started the Happy Wee Creatures Initiative in March 2020 as a response to the national lockdown. I wanted to bring some happiness into the world, and find a way of bringing people together, even if they couldn't see each other. I'm planning to keep the scheme going for as long as people need cute wee creatures to cheer them up :)

£430 donated 31/10/19 from Poppy Creatures Shop Event - I donated 25% for every red poppy creature sold to the Royal British Legion.

Mini Quernus Kiwi Lottery

£108.08 from Quernus Mini Kiwi Lottery donated 05/08/19 to Kiwis for Kiwi

£1,026 from raffle for Playful Otters Sculpture donated 27/06/2019 to COBI (via Enrique Flores's JustGiving fund-raising page for swimming around Jersey).


£482 from raffle for Little Love Bunnies donated 08/02/19 to Rabbit Rescue North West.


£517.20 from Poppy Creatures Lottery and Shop Event (25% donated for each wee creature adopted) held on 09/11/18, donated 10/11/18 to the Royal British Legion.

£200.00 from SSQE #6, donated 23/06/16 to 4 Paws for Ability nominated by Nichole Makrides

£612.00 from charity auction for Two Little Tittlemouse Mice, donated 26/09/18 to the Oldies Club.


£546 from charity auction for Little Bumble Bunny, donated 23/06/18, to Blue Light Programme by Mind in Greater Manchester


£57.50 from sale of Poppy Mice (25% donated from each adoption) donated 15/11/17 to the Royal British Legion


£110.00 from charity auction for Little Glass Moon Mouse donated 09/07/17 to The Kensington & Chelsea Foundation (to help those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire)


£332.00 from raffle for Arctic Frolics, a collaborative sculpture by me and Felicity Harvey of Sealsational, donated 29/06/17 to The Kensington & Chelsea Foundation (to help those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire)


£170.00 from sales of Tiny Manchester Bee Mice, donated 19/06/17 to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund

£120.00 from SQCE #9, donated 20/12/16, to Alzheimer's Society, nominated by Nicola Miller.

£342.00 from raffle for Santa Bunny with Sleigh, donated 20/12/16 to Age UK.


£100.00 from MiCE (Christmas Lucky Dip), donated 16/12/16 to Babworth Animal Rescue Kennels nominated by Claire Woodhouse 

£81.00 from sale of Poppy Creatures, 20% of net sales donated 11/11/16 to the Royal British Legion  


£75.00 from Mini SQE (Dragons) donated 04/06/16 to Charlie's Wish nominated by Heloise Darbyshire

£200.00 from SSQE #5, donated 08/05/16 to Mind nominated by Sonneva Benstead


£100.00 from Mini SQE (Guinea Pigs), donated 26/04/16 to Lydia Thew's fundraising campaign for Cancer Research nominated by Gabriella Nickless, and unanimously agreed by all ticket holders


£100.00 from SSQE #4, donated 20/03/16 to Stray Aid nominated by Lisa Leighton


£63.71 from Mini SQE (Balloon Mice), donated 16/03/16 to The Stroke Association nominated by Christiana Theocleous


£100.00 from SSQE #3, donated 02/03/16 to Hillside Organisation nominated by Zoe Richardson


£92.87 from SSQE #2, donated 12/02/16 to Friends of the Dogs, nominated by Paige Murray

£508.00 from raffle for The REAL Loch Ness Monster Mice Sculpture donated 11/09/15 to COBI (Comunidad y Biodiversidad Asociacion Civil)


£409.25 from raffle for Bath Tub Mouse donated 10/03/14 to RSCPA Liverpool Branch