Thank you for pre-ordering a Glass Moon Creature! I have worked for several years now with Paul of Phoenix Glass, a brilliant glass artist who is happy to make all sorts of wonderful glass items for the wee creatures - our glass moon creature collaboration is one of our most popular designs. 

This page is where you can review all the options for your glass moon creature. Once you've chosen which wee creature you'd like, send me an email with your request, and we can then sort out the details (there's another link at the bottom of the page).  For inspiration, you can see the ones I've made in the past on my Flickr page

If you have any particular requests not listed in the options, please give as much information as possible in your email, and we can discuss this further. I will consider custom markings for wee creatures, eg guinea pigs, and will provide a quote for the cost of this once I have more details.  Equally, if you were thinking of a custom accessory, eg teddy bear, etc, I can give a quote for this once I have more details. Photos are always helpful if you have something particular in mind. 

Once we have agreed the price, payment will be due shortly before I make a start on your chosen wee creature. 

When sending your email, please make sure you include the following information:

  • Details of your creature request, with any accessories, including photos where appropriate
  • Whether you'd prefer to pay by PayPal. debit/credit card, or (for UK bods only) bank transfer or card payment by phone.

Wee Creatures

  • Plain Mouse (£25)
    Choose from white, sparkly white, tan, pale grey, or brown
  • Patterned Fancy Mouse (£28)
    Fancy mice are a basic white with patches of darker colours (brown, black, grey, etc). 
  • Polar Bear (£34)
    Choose from sparkly white or plain white
  • Penguin (£36)
    Choose from sparkly black or plain black
  • Guinea Pig (£38)
    White with brown patches, white with black patches, white with grey patches. If you want a custom guinea pig based on a pet, send me photos, and I'll give you a quote for the cost.
  • Fatty Cat (£40)
    Usually black and white, but I will consider other colours. 
  • Mole (£40)
  • Bunny (£42)
    Sparkly white or plain white. Again, if you want custom bunny colours, send me photos and I'll give you a quote.
  • Otter (£44)
  • Fox (£46)
  • Panda (£46)
  • Hedgehog (£48)

Additional requests

  • Santa Hats (£3 each)
  • Witchy Hats (£2 each)
  • Fairy Wings (£2 each)
  • Angel Wings (£3 each) - I can include an organza bow if you wish

The wee creatures can also sometimes hold items as well, eg toys, flowers, etc. If you have something in mind, include as much information in your email to me and I will see what I can do.

Shipping costs

All prices quoted exclude shipping costs, which are as follows:

Within the UK - £5.50 (by Signed For post)
International orders - £11.50 (by International Tracked and/or Signed post)

Send me your pre-order request here ---->