Spring Trees Creature Pre-order

Thank you for ordering Spring Trees from the lovely Rachel Pettitt Designs, the first Trees in the Four Seasons Trees set which you can order throughout the course of 2024. Rachel has already made your Spring Trees and I have a forest of them here in the studio! The Spring Trees are about 10cm tall (4") and 5.7cm wide (2.25"), and painted in beautiful spring greens, pinks and white.

For this collaboration, I wanted to create an overall cohesive look for all Four Seasons, and I've decided to do that by having a small number of wee creatures in the colours that I think suit each particular Season. Different creatures will be available for each of the seasons depending on the colours. For Spring, I've chosen matt grey and white, and each wee creature will be holding a tiny tulip which complements the blossom on the Spring Trees. Here are the Spring Trees wee creature options:

Mouse (£36) 
Guinea Pig (£36)
Koala (£36)
Bunny (£38)

You'll find the short form after the photos below (not so many choices for once!) Once I have received your request, I'll be in touch to confirm your choices, along with the total due to include shipping (£4 in the UK, £9 for Europe and £12.50 for everywhere else).  I will be working on your Spring Trees creature during April.  

If you have any questions, you can either send me an email to [email protected], or include it at the end of the form :) 

Thank you!

PS Apologies in advance for the silly reCAPTCHA thing when submitting the form - there's no way of turning this off, I'm afraid!

Pre-order: Four Seasons Trees (Spring)
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