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Here you’ll find all sorts of wee creatures, all made by hand from polymer clay from my studio in Leeds. No two are the same, and each one is filled with character, love and a sense of fun! From cute mice and perky penguins, through to miniature sculptures of your pet, there is a wee creature for everyone.

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A chance to win Little Bath Tub Mouse AND feel warm and fuzzy!

Little Bath Tub Mouse
28th February 2014
As most of you know, I adopted an elderly rescue dog, Zeus, some 6 weeks ago. He'd been at the Liverpool branch of the RSPCA for nearly 2 years, having been the subject of a cruelty case, which the RSPCA won last year. He'd been overlooked many times simply because of his age, which is such a shame. I was introduced to Zeus by Angela Chapman, a volunteer for the Oldies Club, a charity which rescues and rehomes dogs in the UK over 7 years old. (I defy anyone to look through the dogs they have for rehoming (particularly the Overlooked Oldies) and not have gone through a box of tissues by the end of it.)

Zeus looking slightly guilty but very handsome
I had originally been thinking about applying to be a foster carer for rescue dogs, but when I saw Zeus, I just knew that he and I were meant to be together. I met him on 11th January, and then he came home to live with me on 15th January. It hasn't always been easy, it's been a HUGE learning curve for me, but I just can't imagine life without the boy now :) We have walked hundreds of miles in and around Bramley and its environs, he has filled many poop bags, I have used the hoover more times in the past 6 weeks than I have in the past 6 years, and I have never felt more at peace and happier than when he's gently snoring and farting next to me on the sofa.

So I want to say a big thank you to RSPCA Liverpool branch for taking such good care of Zeus until I finally got the memo that he was meant to come and live with me. And the best way I thought of to do that is to donate a unique mouse who has captured people's hearts as much as Zeus has captured mine - Little Bath Tub Mouse!

I have set up a fundraising page on MyDonate (BT's not-for-profit fundraising site - I've been very impressed with them, I have to say), and so you can now buy a virtual raffle ticket (suggested donation per entry is £2) - the raffle will run for a week until Friday 7th March at 8pm GMT, and then I will pull a name out of a metaphorical hat, and the winner will get to give daily baths to this grubby little mouse for ever more :)

So go on, buy some virtual raffle tickets for a chance to win this wee mouse, and a chance to raise money for a very worthwhile cause indeed.

Thank you :)

Love is in the air

Valentine Penguins
2nd February 2014
Happy belated New Year! The past month I've been taking some time out to work out the best way forward for Quernus, after what was by all accounts a rather manic period in the run up to Christmas.

You can read about the changes I've made to how I work, and also check out the new and improved FAQs. You'll also notice a slight change to the design of my website and shop.

2013...the year so far

7th November 2013
Crikey, it's been a while since I last posted! This year has been absolutely manic, and looks set to continue that way until Christmas at least! It's been a year of change, new ideas, new directions, big learning curves - and above all, FUN!

Some thoughts on selling at events

At Stonyhurst Spring County Fair 6 & 7 April 2013

8th April 2013
I had a wonderful time at the Stonyhurst Spring Country Fair at Stonyhurst College near Clitheroe at the weekend. It was great to have a weekend away in lovely surroundings, excellent food and accommodation, and even better company! OK, so sales over the course of the weekend weren't great for me, but I still  felt that the weekend as a whole was a great success, both personally and professionally.

Mini Guinea Pigs!

23rd January 2013
A new wee creature has arrived in the Quernus menagerie - the Mini Guinea Pig! Up until now, I have made guinea pigs on commission, and they have been fairly large at about 8cm long, with textured fur, like these three commissioned by Erika in Denmark.