Winter Tree Requests

Thanks to all you lovely people who have put in a request in for two wee mice (or other wee creatures) on these beautiful Christmas trees by Rachel Pettit Designs!  This is where you can check your request, and make sure you're happy that I've got all the right details. I've set out the costs below - shipping costs (where applicable) have been included in the total due.  If you have any questions, just drop me a line

You can have the wee creatures either permanently fixed to the tree base, or left to roam free - do please let me know which you'd prefer (if you don't let me know, I'll fix them to the base).

You can pay by clicking on the link for your name, which will take you to my PayPal.Me page. The currency should be GBP, but sometimes PayPal will change that to your default currency, so please do keep an eye out for that and make sure that the payment is made in GBP. And if you'd rather pay by other means (eg debit/credit card, or for those in the UK, by bank transfer), get in touch. Last note - if your PayPal name differs greatly from your Facebook name, please add a note to tell me!

Thanks again :)