Thanks for taking part in the Quernus Lottery #19!  I'm delighted that your name was picked by one of the wee creatures, and here’s the list of all winners (the same list was published in the Quernoholics Anonymouse group shortly after the Lottery ended). 

Click on your name to be taken to the PayPal payment page pre-filled with the correct amount due, including shipping. If you're in the UK, you can also pay by debit/credit card (online or by phone), or by bank transfer -  let me know if you'd prefer to pay by a different method. Payment is due within 2 days, but sooner would be appreciated as I'm hoping to send all the wee creatures off to their new homes in the next few days :) If I don't hear from you after 2 days, I'll assume you don't want to proceed, and will draw another name from the applicants for your wee creature.

Abbie Styles - Tiny Mouse in Christmas Pudding

Alexandra Byers - Little Christmas Pudding Guinea Pig

Ant Allan - Tiny Mouse in Christmas Pudding

Blake McInnes  - Little Christmas Bauble Bunny (Orange)

Brenda Werner - Little White Mouse with Tiny Silver Bauble

Caroline Dickson - Little Mouse with Gift

Charlotte Herrington - Little Mouse in Holly Garland

Cheryl Gardner - Little Mouse with Large Gift

Chloe Warren - Tiny Holly Mouse Shelf Ornament

Emma Dixon - Little Christmas Pudding Guinea Pig

Frances Best - Little Christmas Bauble Bunny (Purple)

Gail Jarvis - Tiny Music Mouse

Henaj Jane Hammerich - Little Grey Mouse with Tiny Dark Pink Bauble

James Leonard - Tiny Mouse in Christmas Pudding

Jennifer MacGregor - Little Christmas Bauble Bunny (Red)

Jennifer Thomas - Little Christmas Bauble Bunny (Blue)

Jenny Bruce - Little Mouse in Christmas Stocking (Red Tartan)

Jessica Martinez - Little Mouse in Christmas Stocking (Green)

Joy Hohenshelt - Little Harvest Mouse

Jude Miller-Lyon - Little Mouse in Holly Garland

Kevin Smith - Little Holly Guinea Pig

Kirsty MacGregor - Little Sledging Mouse

Kirsty Moore - Little Holly Guinea Pig

Laura Welch - Tiny Holly Mouse Tree Decoration

Linda Wolter - Little Christmas Bauble Bunny (Green)

Lisa Vallette - Little Grey Mouse with Tiny Silver Bauble

Lori Kozo - Little Elf Polar Bear with Holly

Mark Cutler - Little Guinea Pig with White Gift

Mary Jo Thomas-Buckel - Little White Mouse with Dark Pink Bauble

Megan Parnell - Little Grey Mouse with Tiny Gold Bauble

Michele Owusu - Teeny Wish Upon A Star Mouse

Millie Baldwin - Little White Mouse with Tiny Pale Pink Bauble

Nicola Shore - Tiny Holly Mouse Shelf Ornament

Pamela Neal - Dressing the Tree Mouse (Black Ribbon)

Pamela Smith - Little Guinea Pig with Green Gift

Rebecca Carter - Little Santa Polar Bear with Gift

Rosina Hunt - Little Bunny with Green Gift

Sally Burch - Little Mouse in Christmas Stocking (Red Holly)

Sally Clare - Tiny Music Mouse

Samantha Williamson - Dressing the Tree Mouse (Red Ribbon)

Sue Ingram - Tiny Holly Mouse Shelf Ornament

Susan de Leuw - Little Mouse in Holly Garland

Tricia Martinez - Little Mouse with Tiny Gift

Vivienne Pearson - Tiny Holly Mouse Tree Decoration

Yvonne Faulkner - Little Bunny with Red Gift

Yvonne Thomas - Little Christmas Bauble Bunny (Yellow)