October 2020 Requests Part 2

Thanks to all you lovely people who have put in a request in for a wee mouse or ghostie from the first Halloween Shop Event :) This is where you can check your request, and make sure you're happy that I've got all the right details. I've set out the costs for the most popular requests below, and when calculating the total amount, I've included shipping costs as well (where applicable). If you have any questions, just drop me a line

Wee Ghostie - £15
Teeny Silver Moon Mouse - £32
Teeny Witchy Broomstick Mouse - £32
Spooky Wee Ghost Mouse - £35
Wee Witchy Pumpkin Mouse - £36
Wee Potion Mouse - £36
Wee Dracula Mouse - £38
Wee Witchy Broomstick Mouse - £40
Wee Mouse in Pumpkin - £42

You can pay by clicking on the link for your name, which will take you to my PayPal.Me page. The currency should be GBP, but sometimes PayPal will change that to your default currency, so please do keep an eye out for that and make sure that the payment is made in GBP. And if you'd rather pay by other means (eg debit/credit card, or for those in the UK, by bank transfer), get in touch. Last note - if your PayPal name differs greatly from your Facebook name, please add a note to tell me!

Thanks again :)

Alana Cairns - Wee Witchy Pumpkin Mouse
Alison Owen - Teeny Silver Moon Mouse (white)
Blake McInnes - (1) Wee Ghostie (glow in the dark); (2) Wee Witchy Pumpkin Mouse
Brenda Parsons Lyon - Wee Witchy Broomstick Mouse (with sparkly cape, hat with purple band and teeny candy corn)
Cecilia Lui - Wee Witchy Broomstick Mouse
Cheryl Gardner - (1) Wee Ghostie (sparkly white); (2) Teeny Witchy Broomstick Mouse (sparkly white); (3) Wee Dracula Mouse (standing)
Dawn Mason - (1) Wee Potion Mouse (Dragon Tears); (2) Wee Witchy Pumpkin Mouse
Elizabeth Wright - Wee Potion Mouse (Spider Paste)
Emmie Rosie Mariah - (1) Wee Witchy Broomstick Mouse; (2) Wee Witchy Pumpkin Mouse
Henaj Jane Hammerich - Wee Witchy Potion Mouse (Dragon Tears) (no cape)
Jessica Martinez - (1) Wee Witchy Pumpkin Mouse; (2) Wee Mouse in Pumpkin
Joscelin Lane - (1) Teeny Silver Moon Mouse (white); (2) Wee Flower Bubble Elf Mouse (pink)
Kelly Fisher - (1) Wee Dracula Mouse (standing); (2) Teeny Witchy Broomstick Mouse (white); (3) Teeny Candy Corn Mouse (white)
Kelly Anne - Spooky Wee Ghost Mouse (glow in the dark)
Kirsty MacGregor - Teeny Silver Moon Mouse (glow in the dark)
Lea Williams - (1) Teeny Silver Moon Mouse (glow in the dark); (2) Spooky Wee Ghost Mouse (glow in the dark); (3) Wee Ghostie (glow in the dark)
Louise Matron Keane - Wee Potion Mouse (Dragon Tears)
Mary Jo Thomas-Buckel - (1) Wee Witchy Broomstick Mouse; (2) Wee Dracula Mouse (glow in the dark with fangs); (3) Wee Potion Mouse (Hair of the Dog)
Melanie Turner - (1) Teeny Silver Moon Mouse (white); (2) Wee Witchy Broomstick Mouse; (3) Wee Flying Potion Mouse (Dragon Tears)
Nichola Ingram - Wee Witchy Broomstick Mouse (plain white/black)
Nicola Harrington - Teeny Silver Moon Mouse (white)
Nicolle Ferguson - Wee Witchy Pumpkin Mouse
Pamela Smith - Wee Ghostie (glow in the dark)
Sharon Vyse - Teeny Silver Moon Mouse (grey)