May 2020 Requests

Thanks to everyone who has requested a Wee Battenberg Mouse or a Wee Swiss Roll Mouse :) I've got enough slices of cake for all who have requested one, and this is where you can pay for yours. Some of you have already paid shipping for other orders, so I've taken those into account when including the payment links (but do shout if there's something you're not sure about!) 

The wee mice are £25 each (plus P&P where applicable). I will make you a white mouse unless you ask me for a different coloured mouse (the choices are white, grey, tan or brown). If you do want a different coloured mouse, add a comment when making the payment, or send me a note.

The link will take you to a payment page in GBP - if you're elsewhere in the world, PayPal may default to your own currency, so I'd be grateful if you could keep an eye out for that and make sure the payment is made in GBP. 

I'll be working on these wee mice over next 2-3 weeks, and I'll let you know when they're ready in the QA group.

Thanks again!