Squeak Show Collectors' Club December

It's hard to believe that this the last month for the Squeak Show Collectors' Club! And now that the Squeak Show 2022 Calendar has been launched, you have probably guessed that December's Mouse would have a Christmas theme (with a rainbow, of course!) So here is where you can put your request in for Wee Christmas Mouse, who is holding a copy of Barbara Reid's "The Night before Christmas" and has his very own Christmas tree and tiny gift.

And just to give the mice a big send off, there are more choices than ever! You can choose mouse colour, Christmas tree colour, bauble colour, star colour and gift colour - phew! But don't worry, there's also an option where you can leave the choice of tree decoration and gift up to me ;)

A little bit of explanation is needed for the baubles - they are little resin beads without holes, and they come in two different sizes so they look more like Christmas tree decorations. The beads are variegated, and for those who remember the Knitting Mice I made several years back, I've mostly used the same names for the bauble colours that I did for the knitting colours :) You can choose to have baubles of a single colour, or you can mix them up - gold and silver work well alongside any of the other colours (eg Gold and Mulled Wine).

The Christmas Trees are a bit more straightforward - they come in snowy green, cream, silver and gold, and you can choose either a silver or gold star to go on top.

For the gifts, you can choose traditional Christmas colours of red, green and cream, which come with red, gold and green ribbons (see last photo), or you can choose a Rainbow coloured gift, which comes with silver ribbons and a matching bow. Rather than include a list of all possible colours, just write a short description of what you'd like :)

And if all that is a bit too much, just tick the box "Surprise me!" and I'll endeavour to do just that ;)

Wee Christmas Mouse is £35 plus shipping costs (I'll calculate the shipping total based on weight) and this is the month where I post off all your wee creatures to you.  I'll do my very best to make your mouse as soon as possible, so I can get parcelling and send them all on their way, hopefully to arrive in time for Christmas.

A quick note on the form - the website provider has now added reCAPTCHA to all forms, so if you can't submit it for some reason, just drop me a line with your request instead.

Please let me have your mouse request by Monday 6 December, and once I receive it, I'll be in touch to confirm all the details and sort out payment. And once again, thank you so much for being part of this amazing project!

Squeak Show Collectors Club - December
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