Squeak Show Collectors' Club March

Thanks for being part of the Squeak Show Collectors' Club! This is where you can put in your request for March's Mouse, a cute wee Baby Mouse with a choice of two designs.

Wee Mouse with Dummy (Pacifier) is holding a cute wee resin charm which come in eight different colours:

  • Dark Pink, Peach, Lemon, Mint Green, Sky Blue, Lilac, Pale Pink and Cream

Wee Mouse with Alphabet Blocks is playing with a set of three wooden blocks which come in:

  • Pink, Blue or Natural

For both Mouse designs you can choose your mouse colour from the following options:

  • Plain White, Sparkly White, Tan, Grey, Brown

Both Wee Baby Mouse designs are £28 each plus shipping costs. If I'm currently hosting your mice from January and February, I will post all three mice off this month so that there's room in the departure lounge for the next quarter! So once I have your mouse request, I will include the cost of shipping when I'm sending you the invoice. However, if you need a bit of time to pay, or live overseas and would like me to host your mice for a little longer, just let me know in the form below.

Please let me have your mouse request by Friday 5 March.

Squeak Show Collectors Club - March
  • What mouse design would you like? :
  • How would you prefer to pay?: