Squeak Show Collectors' Club September

Thanks again for being part of the Squeak Show Collectors' Club :) This is the place where you send in your request for a Wee Student Mouse for September - a clever wee mouse with spectacles and a pile of books, all with a rainbow theme, of course!

You have several choices to make this month - mouse colour, then type of rainbow book pile (see below), whether the books should be attached to your mouse, and finally, whether your wee mouse should be wearing glasses or not - decisions, decisions!

Wee Student Mouse is £35 plus shipping costs and I'm happy to either host your mouse for a while (we'll sort out shipping later), or I can post him (or her) off to you as soon as possible. I generally have room to host three mice at a time, so if you have few mice in the departure lounge already, now could be the time they head off to their new home.

Please let me have your mouse request by Monday 6 September, and once I receive it, I'll be in touch to confirm all the details and sort out payment. Thanks again!

Book options from left to right:
Silver, Bright Rainbow, Pastel Rainbow, Shiny Rainbow, Glitter Rainbow, Gold

Squeak Show Collectors Club - September
  • What colour of mouse would you like?:
  • What type of rainbow books would you like?:
  • Do you want your mouse to wear glasses?:
  • Would you like the pile of books attached to your mouse?:
  • How would you prefer to pay?:
  • Would you like me to host your mouse until next month's release?: