Squeak Show Collectors' Club June

Thanks again for being part of the Squeak Show Collectors' Club. This is where you can put in your request for Wee Sailing Mouse for June - I've been looking forward to this one ever since I started discussing the idea for them back in January with Rachel of Rachel Pettitt Designs. Wee Sailing Mouse comes fixed to the little wooden boat to keep him safely afloat, and the total height of the wee boat is 9cm (just under 10").

You have already chosen your colour of sailing boat in either blue, red or yellow, and I am just about to receive the fleet of Mouse Boats from Rachel - yay!  So now all you have to do is choose your mouse colour from the following options, and I'll match him up with your chosen mouse boat:

  • Plain White, Sparkly White, Tan, Grey, Brown

Wee Sailing Mouse is £28 plus shipping costs (hee hee!) I'm happy to either host your mouse for a while (and we'll sort out shipping costs later), or I can post him (or her) off to you as soon as possible - just let me know in the form :) I generally have room to host three mice at a time, so next month will be shipping month for most of you (but there are always exceptions to this depending on circumstances and where in the world you are).

Please let me have your mouse request by Friday 4 June, and once I receive it, I'll be in touch to confirm all the details and sort out payment. Mice ahoy!!

Squeak Show Collectors Club - June
  • What colour of mouse would you like?:
  • How would you prefer to pay?:
  • Would you like me to host your mouse until next month's release?: