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How to Make a Wee Ghostie

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Wee Ghosties
On 13 October, I did a live chat Brew and a Blether showing you how to make a Wee Ghostie (you can watch the video here).
If you would like to make your own Wee Ghostie, you’ll need the following tools and materials:
  • Pasta machine, or two 3mm needles (if you use needles, you'll need a roller, eg a tall glass)
  • Smooth flat working surface (a glass chopping board or large ceramic tile works well)
  • Small pack of polymer clay - I'll be using Fimo Effect Glow in the Dark clay
  • Small polystyrene egg (about 3.5cm tall, but can be any size)
  • Round cookie cutter about 5.5cm in diameter (for a 3.5cm egg - use a larger or smaller one depending on the size of polystyrene egg you use)
  • Tiny circle cutter (for the eyes - about 5mm diameter) - the end of a ball point pen will work for this, or you can use a scalpel
  • Baking spike (small lump of scrap clay with a wire baked in the middle - see photo below)
  • Tabletop toaster oven (or normal oven, but keep a very careful eye on the temperature) to cure at 110C. You can also use a heat gun.
  • Small screw eye pin, or a small piece of wire formed into a hoop for the fixing at the top of the ghostie
  • Clear nylon thread
  • Wet wipes (I use Morrisons' fragrance free baby wipes)
  • Scalpel (optional)


What you'll need to make your own Wee Ghostie
My home-made baking spike

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