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  1. On 6th June, I held the first ever Mini Shop Event in my online shop. The idea bechind these events is to give more people more of a chance to adopt a wee creature of one particular design. By making at least 10-20 wee creatures, it would also (hopefully) mean that there would be less of a rugby scrum at the checkout, making it a more relaxed experience all round. And there would also be the chance that a few of the wee creatures would stay in the shop for a few days or more.

    For the first three events, I conducted a poll in the Quernoholics Anonymouse group on Facebook, and fixed Mini Shop Events for the top three choices, which were as follows:

    6th June 2019 - Little Pumpkin Otters

    Pumpkin Otters

    I decided to try out a little stop-motion film with all the finished otters - it was a lot of fun, and you can see it here!

    13th June - Little Love Bunnies with Plants 

    Plant Bunnies

    20th June - Tiny Reindeer Mice

    Tiny Reindeer Mice 170218

    I'll post details of when each Mini Shop Event will take place on the Latest News page (and you'll also be able to see them on the Events page), and I will also create events on Facebook if you want to receive updates of when they take place.

    I will still run the monthly Lotteries for more one-off wee creatures, and there will be regular pre-orders taken throughout the year, usually for collaboration sculptures. Busy times ahead! 

  2. Two Mice on Wooden Pear (2)

    I found this gorgeous little wooden pear, hand-turned by Dewi Jones, on a recent trip to Anglesey. Of course, two little mice desperately wanted to play on it! 

    I am currently running a 3 day eBay auction for this sculpture (with a starting bid of 99p - bargain!), which ends at 11.03am BST on Friday 7th June. Just a little something to keep you busy in the run up to the first Mini Shop Event for Pumpkin Otters (which takes place on Thursday 6th June at 8pm BST - and here's a short film you can watch showing the pumpkin preparation!)

    And if that's not quite enough cuteness for one day, I also picked up a little Mouse Pot on my trip, also made by Dewi Jones, and this wee chap will be taking part in the next Quernus Lottery (22-23 June)

    Mouse in Mouse Pot

    Good luck if you're bidding, and I'll see you at one the next Quernus events!