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  1. Two Mice on Wooden Pear (2)

    I found this gorgeous little wooden pear, hand-turned by Dewi Jones, on a recent trip to Anglesey. Of course, two little mice desperately wanted to play on it! 

    I am currently running a 3 day eBay auction for this sculpture (with a starting bid of 99p - bargain!), which ends at 11.03am BST on Friday 7th June. Just a little something to keep you busy in the run up to the first Mini Shop Event for Pumpkin Otters (which takes place on Thursday 6th June at 8pm BST - and here's a short film you can watch showing the pumpkin preparation!)

    And if that's not quite enough cuteness for one day, I also picked up a little Mouse Pot on my trip, also made by Dewi Jones, and this wee chap will be taking part in the next Quernus Lottery (22-23 June)

    Mouse in Mouse Pot

    Good luck if you're bidding, and I'll see you at one the next Quernus events!

  2. I was feeling a bit guilty about not updating my blog, but then realised that each newsletter is effectively a blog post, so I'll just replicate the newsletters here!

    Quernus Lottery #13 (25-6 May) is a smaller Lottery than usual, because next month, I'm introducing regular Mini Shop Events :) These will take place weekly, and will be for one particular design of 10-20 wee creatures. Each month, I'll create a poll in the Quernoholics Anonymouse group with five different designs, and I will work on the three most popular wee creatures :)  I will still hold a Lottery at the end of each month, but it will be smaller (like today's), and will primarily be for one-off wee creatures. Let's see how we get on!

    Mini Shop Events

    I'm also going to hold another Brew and a Blether Video Chat in the QA group - lasting about 30 minutes, this is a chance for me to tell you what's happening with Quernus, and for you to ask me any questions you might have - I've held two so far, and they are a lot of fun! So the dates for your diary for June are as follows (each one is linked to the event I've created on Facebook):

    6 June at 8pm BST - Wee Pumpkin Otters Mini Shop Event
    10 June at 8pm BST - Brew and a Blether (Live video chat)
    13 June at 8pm BST - Little Love Bunnies with Plant Mini Shop Event
    20 June at 8pm BST - Tiny Reindeer Mice Mini Shop Event
    23-24 June - Quernus Lottery #14

    Until next time, keep smiling!