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  1. Dressing the Tree 231119 QL19 (1)

    Here's my final newsletter of 2019 - it's hard to believe how quickly this year has gone!

    There are just two events coming up to put in your diary (the next Quernus Lottery, and a charity raffle), and then in December I'll be adding more Christmas creatures to my online shop on a fairly random basis, rather than having any specific Mini Shop Events.

    30 Nov - 1 December - Quernus Lottery #19

    Facebook event cover

    Quernus Lottery #19 will start at 9am GMT on Saturday 30 November and will end at 3pm GMT on Sunday 1 December.  As usual, there will be a second-chance shop event taking place at 8pm GMT on the Sunday. Here are a few of the wee creatures taking part in this weekend's Lottery, and there will be plenty more to follow, so keep checking my Lottery page (and to see all wee creatures for both events, visit my Quernus page). 

    Lottery #19 - 30 November-1 December 2019


    26 November - 9 December - Charity Raffle



    Most of you know that last month, my step mum, Maggi, passed away peacefully after a long illness. She spent her final week at the Ayrshire Hospice in Ayr. I made this special sculpture to raise money for the hospice to thank them for taking such good care of Maggi at the end. 

    The four little sparkly white mice represent Maggi, my dad, my sister and myself, and they are clambering about on a lovely holly sprig made by Paul Jones of Phoenix Glass. The raffle is open now and ends at 6pm GMT on Monday 9 December

    To take part for a chance of winning this unique sculpture, as well as raise money for an amazing cause, here's what to do: 

    • Entries are £2 each and you can buy as many entries as you want - the more you buy, the more chances you'll have of winning, and the more money we can raise for the Ayrshire Hospice.

    • To enter, send your entry money as a PayPal gift to [email protected] adding "Holly Mice" in the notes. (Sending it as a PayPal gift means no fees will be charged). If you want to pay by other means, drop me a line.

    • Once the raffle closes, a name will be drawn randomly from all entries and I'll post the glass holly mice off to the winner so that they arrive in time for Christmas. All proceeds will be donated to the Ayrshire Hospice.

    It's been a challenge living so far away from my family at this difficult time, but I'm glad the wee creatures can help me do something useful. Thanks to everyone who has sent their good wishes to me and my family over the past few months - it has meant so much to me.

    I'll send out a short newsletter shortly before the charity raffle ends, but otherwise, I hope you all have a lovely and peaceful Christmas.

  2. I'm waving at you from a rather soggy part of the UK, and I hope you are all keeping safe, warm and dry if it's raining cats and dogs where you are. 

    I've been planning ahead for August, and so I thought you'd like a list of all the event dates coming up this month - it's going to be raining cats and kiwis! 

    3-4 August - Mini Lottery for Kiwis

    Pastel Kiwis 270719 (2)


    The first event is taking place this weekend - it's a 24 hour Mini Lottery just for Wee Kiwis! I've been having so much fun making them (as you can probably tell) - there will be about a dozen individual kiwis, and these six pastel kiwis will be available as a complete set - they're just too cute to split up ;) I'll add photos of them on the Lottery page as they hatch :) 

    For every Wee Kiwi adopted, I will donate 10% of the sale price to Kiwis for Kiwi, a wonderful charity based in New Zealand which helps to conserve these wonderful birds. The Wee Kiwis are £50 each plus shipping (the full set is £280 plus shipping).

    The Lottery starts at 9am BST on Saturday 3 August, and ends at 9am BST on Sunday 4 August. I will announce the winners shortly after the Lottery ends.

    8 August (8pm BST) - Mini Shop Event: Little Fatty Bat Cats

    Fatty Bat Cats 080818

    This first Mini Shop Event of August will take place on Thursday 8 August at 8pm BST in my online shop for  Little Fatty Bat Cats - it's been too long since I last made these cuties! There may even be a few Little Fatty Bat Mice if you're lucky.... Little Fatty Bat Cats are £38 each plus P&P. 

    15 August (8pm BST) - Mini Shop Event: Little Blossom Creatures

    Blossom Creatures 150819

    And  the following week, on Thursday 15 August at 8pm BST, there will be a Mini Shop Event for Little Blossom Creatures - there will be a range of guinea pigs, foxes, hedgehogs, skunks, moles, otters, owls and penguins, each holding their own lovely bouquet of sweetheart blossoms. Prices range from £40-£48 plus P&P. 

    19-20 August - Pre-order: Glass Moon Creatures

    Glass Moon1

    Paul of Phoenix Glass and I are once again being super organised, and we'll be taking orders for Glass Moon Creatures on 19-20 August. For more information about how to put your name down for one, click here

    24-25 August - Quernus Lottery #16

    FB event cover

    Quernus Lottery #16 will start at 9am BST on Saturday 23 August and will end at 6pm on Sunday 24 August, with a small second-chance shop event taking place at 8pm that same evening. I'll post pictures of all the wee creatures who will be taking part nearer the time, so keep checking my Lottery page :) 

    And finally, for the first time in ages, there are now usually at least a few wee creatures in my online shop - it's a good idea to keep an eye on the In Stock category if you're in the market for a wee creature :)